Thursday, 31 May 2007

Periodic Table of Printmaking Update

Jenn Schmitt's Periodic Table Printmaking Project (which we contributed to back in April - see this post) is gathering pace. There are a really nice variety of printmaking styles and processes in the project, and you can see the current state of completion on Christopher Clark's splendid webpage (click the image below to view the page).

Bank Holiday Fun

After a long hot April here in Norwich, May has been almost uniformly cold, grey, wet and miserable! Hooray! Welcome to Britain! We don't mind it, and the garden has especially enjoyed all the rain so all is green and bountiful at Spoonergregory Acres.

The wet and windy Bank Holiday saw us stuck in the house sorting out various things, including making a rather natty pouch for Jon's new mp3 player! Some offcuts of felt and a strange little mascot from Japanese TV gave us all the inspiration we needed and after an hour of cutting, stitching, swearing and welding we came up with this:

Bless 'im.

Lots of printing works are in the pipeline (watch this space) and we'll have an exciting new addition to our armoury in the summer in the shape of an Adana 8x5 letterpress printing press. We've had a sneak preview and can't wait to ship it up to Norfolk!

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