Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hot Pink Ink

Today my new pink ink arrived in the post (along with a new silver ink, tools and more wood blocks), so tonight I experimented with a 1970s wedding block bought on ebay in a mad moment.

Tonight was only the second time we've used the Adana, and I managed it all by myself without too much interference from Jon, although I did need him to tighten the screws and take the photographs of course...

We still don't have any rollers, so I hand inked the block with our tiny roller instead. I think I'm getting the knack of how much pressure to use on the handle now, and it didn't take long to rattle a dozen notecards off whilst our pasta was cooking. It was such good fun I've decided to turn them into proper cards rather than just test cards, so I'm going to add some text this weekend in my new silver ink!

I think Jon is almost won over by the thought of bright pink ink, it certainly beats the boring tubes of black ink that came in the same order!


panquequescalientes said...

Hi Sarah,
This is Anna (HotCakes from swap-bot Blog Love 2 swap). I have only gotten to your second post and felt the need to comment!
I have a super old press (50's?) that looks a lot like your press in this post. It also doesn't have rollers and I have been slow to use it because of that. Now that I see your post I feel inspired to give it some more attention. Thanks!

P.S. love the block and the ink. There's nothing like hot pink.

thirteenthstory said...

Thank you for the link to your blog, I've added it to my reader.

What a great set-up you have, I'm looking forward to more of your designs.

Be well,
Jaye / thirteenthstory

Scooter Sissy said...

Hi Sarah,
Love your red polka-dot apron in this photo...did you design/sew it? I'm thinking of hosting an apron swap in Feb/Mar 2008...would love to have you join in!