Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Engravings on the Adana

Last week the Adana came in for some heavy use as we printed a run of 50 bookplates on it. These were a commission for a Christmas gift (hence the photo doesn't give too much away!) It took a fair bit of trial and error (as usual) to get the right consistency of ink, but though it was a fiddle to get the roller to it once the chase was set in the press, it was much quicker than burnishing by hand. Having the press in the upstairs boxroom makes for cramped working conditions, but the toilet does sterling work as an inking table (as long as the lid's down).

We also got round to printing the St Winifred's engraving at long last! You can see it on our Flickr page.

And last of all, we got our Christmas tree up! All seven feet of it! You can watch us in action below!

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sequingirl said...

Wow, love the speeded up christmas tree decorating idea, i want to try it. Trouble is I have 8 months to wait. Hope I can!