Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Thank You!

Another foray into letterpress this week - I made these simple notecards one afternoon whilst Jon was at work. We've sent them to everyone who gave us a wedding present.

We are still without rollers for the Adana, so we're still hand inking the type with our tiny roller - fiddly but it seems to be working alright for small things! We are busy with another fun letterpress project this week, but its a surprise for someone so we can't reveal any details yet...

We have been working on lots of our ideas for new prints since we got back from Sussex. Above is a pile of my favourite sketchbooks in the sunshine. I love beautiful sketchbooks and I can never resist a new purchase...

However, some of them are too lovely to despoil with my scrawl so only two of the ones in the photo above have ever been used. I've joined a new group on Flickr, 365 Sketch, which is encouraging me to sketch a little every day, but I haven't plucked up the courage to upload any of my efforts... yet!

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