Friday, 11 April 2008

Water Tower

Jon's new print of a splendid water tower near Baconsthorpe in Norfolk, carved and printed over the snowy Easter weekend. Below is a composite of all the different stages of the print, from the light grey background to the dark green of the fields.

There are actually five different layers of the print, but during the excitement of printing we forgot to take a photo of the light brown layer before we printed the dark green. East Anglia has a plethora of lovely water towers, and this print may well be the first in a series!

Water Tower is now available in our Etsy shop.

We have been taking advantage of the good weather over the past couple of weekends to work in the garden, rather than printmaking. The seeds we planted last weekend are just starting to peep through in the greenhouse, so we'll be munching on tasty tomatoes and lettuces before we know it!

My new landscape print is nearly finished, I just have to print the different layers that will make up the sky. Unfortunately, my first sky layer went a bit wrong but I should (hopefully) be able to rescue it this weekend!

This photo shows some of the prints drying, with the first eleven layers of the fields printed - its quite hard to see the detail at this scale, so I'll post better photos when it is finished.

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, and I'm looking forward to getting on with the sky this weekend, and hopefully getting it finished. There will nearly twenty different layers once it is finished - its the most complicated reduction print I've done so far!


Sue said...

I really like the Water Tower print. Lovely layered textures. Is it a reductive print?

Sarah and Jon said...

Thank you Sue!

Yes, it is a reduction print of 5 different layers.

Pie Master said...

Like it! Perhaps you would care to display it at the "Towers of East Anglia" display at the Landguard Fort, hosted by the British Water Tower Appreciation Society - see

Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks Piemaster!

The exhibition looks really interesting.