Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's cold!

Very cold - but we haven't had any snow, unlike everywhere else it seems!

Not much printmaking or letterpress news today I'm afraid, we've both been busy working and writing and haven't had much spare time on our hands. Today Jon has been out and about in the cold in Coggeshall and I've been trying to think of something pithy to write about the state of garden history. Here is the view from our office window, which I have been gazing out for a large part of the afternoon -

And here is another place I've been doing lots of staring out of windows in recent weeks, mostly planning letterpressed Christmas cards and various prints - I am determined to work on one of our projects this weekend!


Magic Cochin said...

Certainly a bit Chilly here! A clue was that the cats chose to stay inside with us instead of going a-hunting!!!!


Barbara said...

So, where is it that you work? Barbara

Sarah and Jon said...

Barbara - Jon works for the National Trust, and I'm doing a PhD at UEA (in garden and landscape history), hence all the writing and library visits!