Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ahoy there!

Today, after sitting and staring at the computer screen for rather a long time, I finally managed to bag my first Etsy treasury! Hurrah! So, here is it - all members of Printsy: Printmakers of Etsy street team.

Treasuries are member curated lists of lovely things, and this one is all about prints inspired by the high seas.

Jump aboard the HMS Printsy here...


Magic Cochin said...

Well done! that's a lovely theme as well.

It's a wild and stormy night here - it almost sounds like the ocean roaring outside! I expect it's the same with you.


Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks Celia! It was really fun to make it, I might get addicted...

It is wild and wooly here too - but not raining.... yet! We're going to light the fire and batten down the hatches.