Friday, 7 November 2008

Birthday Cups and Saucers

It was my birthday this week, and Jon bought me these adorable little mugs which he knows I have wanted for ages! They are by Alice Garland, and he bought them in Verandah, which is a lovely little shop in Norwich, and now there is one in Holt too.

Actually, Verandah is one of the buildings in the engraving Jon did of Upper St Giles Street - its the shop on the far right of this detail... I'm not sure that'll be much help if you're ever in Norwich, but it is worth a visit!

This week I went to the British Library to do some research. Even though I got there before it opened there was still a long queue waiting to get in, but the library is so vast it swallowed them all up and seemed really empty. It was a very dull day, and it does look a bit monolithic from the outside, but inside is very swish!

I enjoyed looking round the exhibitions - Taking Liberties and the permanent display of the Treasures of the British Library. I kept squealing out loud when I saw interesting things, like the Gutenberg Bible and Jane Austen's manuscript of Persuasion - go and have a look if you're in London, it's free! And there's a nice shop and cafe (always important).

Anyway, here are some lovely ornamental cabbages. I love the colours, and the patterns on the leaves, and I've been plotting how to turn them into a print...

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Sue said...

Oooo, lucky! I'd love to go to the British library. When I was a student about a million years ago, I was allowed to go and have a look at the illuminated manuscripts they have in the chained library at Lincoln Cathedral. Fabulous, jewel-like illuminations....I was beside myself with awe.

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