Wednesday, 4 February 2009


To celebrate our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago we went out and spent our pennies on some sheets of paper (paper being the traditional gift to give a couple on their first anniversary - see here) from our local art shop, Norwich Art Supplies.

As well as a thick wodge of Zerkall, we also picked up some other printmaking papers - BFK Rives, Hahnemuhle, Somerset (in white and in black) and some Fabriano sheets.

I treated myself to two lovely sheets of paper which I have been coveting for ages, but needed an excuse to splash out -

First, a beautiful sheet of hand marbled paper by Victoria Hall in the most lovely soft shades of green and yellow (difficult to capture in a photograph). It will have to be saved for a special project (perhaps after the bookbinding course we're going on in a few weeks...).

We also got the most fabulous sheet of walnut paper. It looks a bit like the surface of the moon, and is really thick and stiff. Absolutely no idea what to use it for as yet, but had to be added to the collection. Any ideas?

I love the colour of these tulips - a pale creamy yellow, and almost green in places. Today has been gloriously sunny, and full of the joys of spring, so I couldn't resist them at our local greengrocers.


Magic Cochin said...

Lovely idea for an aniversary gift. I love buying paper, but have now resolved to ACTUALLY USE IT before I buy more!

Victoria Hall had a stand near mine at the Saffron Walden Art Fair - I drooled at her stall struggling not to break my vow! I was tempted by the starch paste patterns in shades of indigo – yummy!

I still have some marbled paper I bought from Sandy Cockerell's workshop in Grantchester when I was a student (a long long time ago...) I daren't cut them up!


Angie said...

Tulips are my favorite flower. Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary.

anna wadham said...

Hi, liking your blog, and thanks for your comments- it's nice to meet a local blogger/ fellow etsian! will visit again :)

Forever Foxed said...

Love that walnut paper. It's almost too nice to use!