Friday, 24 April 2009

Flying Ducks

At last! They are finished!
I started this trio of flying ducks 9 months ago, but for various reasons they got put on the back burner. But this week I've finally had a chance to finish cutting the blocks and print them.

I've always wanted a set of flying ducks but I thought a printed set would be just as good (if not better!)
Each duck is an individual print - a 7 colour reduction linocut. The biggest measures 18cm across, the smallest 9cm. I'm really looking forward to having a set framed, and on the wall! There is a set in our Etsy shop and our Folksy shop now.

Today I picked some of the lilac from the garden and filled up several jugs with it - the smell is slowly pervading the whole house... Lovely!

We have a friend coming to stay this weekend - tomorrow night we are going to see Pride and Prejudice at the Maddermarket Theatre for another friend's birthday treat. Hope you all have a good weekend too!


Magic Cochin said...

Oh! I love the ducks :-)

On my way home just now I had to stop the car to let a duck and her dozen little duckling cross the road - so cute!

Have a great weekend

Annie B said...

Nice ducks!!

Stacey said...

Great ducks and I wish I could smell that lilac right through the computer. :)

Leigh Shepherd said...

I'm very much in love with your ducks. There are many contempory takes on this theme. But ducks prevail for me.