Monday, 20 April 2009

Getting rid of the TV

We often get really fed up with the TV in the evenings and turn to a good book instead - hence Jon's new letterpress print -

Let's sell it and spend the money on books.

There are copies in our Folksy and Etsy shops now, as well as some newly listed hand bound journals too.

Today we're really pleased to be featured on Sam's Inklore blog (one of our favourites). Sam is another printmaker who makes the most wonderful block printed fabrics for the home. I especially love the 'no tie' hydrangea apron in her Etsy shop.


Inklore said...

thanks for the link :)
I love that new print! I've got a sketch of an idea for a kids t-shirt that has the same basic message.

Nic said...

That is a great print. Apparently it's 'Switch it off' week where you are supposed to switch the TV off for the week. I can't say I would miss anything that was on...

Sarah and Jon said...

Thank you!

Nic - I didn't realise it was 'switch it off' week - I wonder if listening to the radio through the tv counts?