Monday, 8 June 2009

Wheels, windmills and water towers

Today we had a fun day out for the first time in ages! After several weekends cooped up doing Open Studios (great fun, but housebound), it was lovely to be out in the countryside, especially on such a nice day.

We started at Bircham Mill - a mid nineteenth century windmill in north west Norfolk, scene of many a childhood cream tea for me and Jon's first visit.

We climbed all the way to the fan at the very top!

It was definitely worth the climb up the steep ladders, and unlike previous visits I didn't have to be talked down in tears by my Dad (I am not brave with heights, but Jon was bouncing up and down the ladders).

Then it was off for a 10 mile cycle along a section of the Peddars Way, a Roman road that runs all the way up through this part of Norfolk towards Holme-next-the-Sea on the coast.

One day we'll get round to doing the whole thing, and camping along the way - but 10 miles was quite enough for one afternoon. We didn't see a soul, just lots of birds and several hares.

After a nice cup of tea and a scone back at the windmill, we headed off for a bit of water tower geekery - stopping to investigate Docking and Foulsham. Expect to see both in printed form soon(ish)...

Docking (in the distance)


In July there's an exhibition on the towers of East Anglia (not just water towers) in Felixstowe organised by the British Water Tower Appreciation Soceity. I wonder just how many there are in Norfolk?


Kitschen Pink said...

Windmills are magical aren't they! It' the views that make the climb worthwhile. We were once lucky enough to climb to the very top of the cathedral spire - now that's a climb to reckon with. Mr Health and Safety hasn't been up there that's for sure!! We discovered afterwards that I was pregnant - I was SO nauseous by the time we reached the top I thought I had suddenly developed vertigo! HA! Will definitely try to get to the tower exhibition. Hubby will love that - look forward to seeing your artwork too! t.x

jolicious said...

I love Windmills! Nice blog!

Barbara said...

Lovely reminder of happy days on Norfolk holidays! Thank you. One cycle ride from Bircham Mill took us past Houghton Hall and Houghton West Lodge. Barbara