Friday, 17 July 2009

British Patent Number 388934

This little gadget is screwed onto the corner of a bookshelf in our study - the Fermafix Paper Binder!

Sheets of paper are fed between two notched wheels, turned by a long handle, which crimp the sheets together. The interlocking notches on the wheels work a bit like a zip to hold the pages together. Very useful for binding my endless lists together.

The patent number was registered in 1933, but as yet we haven't been able to find much out about it.

Yesterday was Jon's graduation at UEA - here he is looking dandy in his robes and bonnet (designed by Cecil Beaton, no less).

Next week we'll be starting on some new prints - hooray!


myenglishcountrygarden said...

Congratulations Jon ;-) Your beautiful prints arrived in today's post- fabulous as ever ;-)

Gigibird said...

I covet your Fermafix.

Magic Cochin said...

The Fermafix is wonderful - what a great find.

Jon's looking very regal in his Cecil Beaton robes - looks like it was a good day for the graduation.


Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks everyone!

myenglishcountrygarden - glad they arrived safely :)

Celia - I think the bonnet is v. Henry VIII! It was a lovely sunny day to graduate on :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah & John,

here are a few links to the little maschine:

Kind regards from Germany