Saturday, 8 August 2009

A prototype

This weekend we made some British Birds cards as a special commission for someone - at the moment we don't do cards of any of our bigger prints, but we rather like these ones.

Then we made some new packaging as a prototype, we've been meaning to redesign our card packaging for ages - something nicer than the usual plastic bag...

We designed an envelope template over a cup of tea, and started cutting out a prototype in thick grey card -The envelope has a clear film window in the front to see the cards through (attached here with double sided tape) -
Here's the finished envelope complete with cards inside -
This batch of cards will be winging its way to a new home soon, but now we're debating whether we should do some more and pop them in our shops. What do you think?

We've just polished off rather large slices of lemon drizzle cake, complete with homemade lemon curd and mascarpone filling, the recipe is here - definitely worth the effort!


Pickled Weasel said...

Definitely worth doing! Very sellable - especially for peeps like me who love your bigger prints but are a bit strapped for cash. I would buy them and put them in little frames :)

kelly said...

it's a hands-up from me too! i'd love to buy one of your cards for my dad who was born in chatteris : )

Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks! I think we will polish up our prototype envelope template and get cutting and gluing (and printing)!

Anonymous said...

I'd buy the like a shot! Wonderful packaging idea BTW ;-)