Tuesday, 6 October 2009

We are still here!


After reading Lupin's post on the Etsy forums about good blogging today, I guiltily realised that it's been nearly a month since our last post! Eek!

Since we last posted we've enjoyed a gorgeous week away in Wales at Stockwell Farm, another Landmark Trust property, which really recharged our batteries. This is the view we woke up to every morning - the hills in the distance were once the Forest of Radnor, and some of it is now a firing range. They were further away than they looked...

Now we're back to our more usual view from the office window, and the nights are certainly drawing in now that it's October. It feels like we've neverbeen away now that we're back in the thick of it again!

Now that it really feels like autumn I've started to plan out some ideas for Christmas decorations for our trees - this one is a prototype that I made this afternoon. Excuse the slightly dodgy photo taken in the dim early evening light! I really like it with plain white paper, but I can't help but feel it would be even better if the paper was printed with some kind of Christmassy linocut...

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nickynackynoo said...

I LOVE Stockwell Farm - we stayed there about 10 years ago (gulp) and had a fabulous weekend with friends, and lots of rainy walks.