Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Today I've been printing lots of little hearts in red ink on various papers, ready to make into gift tags and notebook covers and other little things.

I find it quite therapeutic to print the same small design over and over again, several hundred times (at least, it feels like several hundred times for my fingers).

We're trying out some non-lino blocks like these ones from Lawrence (although we got ours from Norwich Art Supplies). They seem much harder to cut into than normal lino, and the cuttings don't ping off all over the place but need a sharp tug or cut to remove them, which makes for a tidier table, but is much less fun than seeing how far a gouge of lino can make it across the room...

In the meantime Jon has been building us a new computer, as our current one is sloooooow to the point of being next to useless at times. Hopefully this weekend we'll be up and running with the shiny new one!

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