Saturday, 11 October 2008

New things!

Today has been a lovely, sunny autumnal day, so we have been busy making bread and kicking leaves around in the sunshine.

New exciting thing number one -

A gorgeous new resin and silver ring from Quercus Silver, which arrived this morning and is just perfect! You can see it being made here, and here.

New exciting thing number two -

A new press!! Made by the Model Printing Press Company, this is a Model 2... It hasn't arrived at Spoonergregory Acres yet - but we are looking forward to giving it a loving home! Hurrah!

Today we listed notebooks and flower brooches on Etsy and Folksy - new letterpressed notecards are going on tomorrow, and I shall be printing Christmas cards in earnest...


Magic Cochin said...

Printing press envy!!!!!

And lots of temptation at Quercus Silver... thank you for the link.

Enjoy another sunny day!

Sue said...

Oooo! That looks interesting!