Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Computers and cupcakes

This morning I made some delicious little elderflower cupcakes with pretty white icing and little yellow sugar flowers. Yummy and very cheerful!

We need cheering up because last night my desktop computer's hard drive failed! Fortunately, the most important things like theses and wedding photos were backed up elsewhere, but we have lost a lot of files. Most upsettingly, all of our Lapwing Printworks files!

Anyone who sells their work (online or offline) will know the joys of a finely crafted stock spreadsheet with a myriad of colours for what's been sold, and which things are in which shops. Not to mention all our accounts and things like that. All gone!

Also, we've lost all our internet bookmarks - blogs, interesting websites, tutorials etc. If you have any good links to share then we'll be happy bunnies :)

Anyway, enough doom and gloom! Tomorrow - a new print and some exciting things that have been arriving in the post!


nickynackynoo said...

Gutting! This happened to me just before Christmas and I'm still trying to get things back to normal! Luckily clever tech guys managed to save most files but not programmes etc.

Magic Cochin said...

All may not be lost - ask around for some techie types. I completely zapped our laptop PC trying to install an anti-virus update - aaaaaaghhhhh!
But a very nice man at the Mac support company I use took it in hand and amazingly he retrieved 99% of the files.

Those cupcakes must have been most consoling.


Kate said...

Oh noes... sorry to hear this! Funnily enough today I just bought from Amazon a 500 GB external hard drive to back up my and hubby's computers... I will be backing everything up as soon as it arrives!

Agree with Magic Cochin, have you had a pro look at it? Sometimes they can salvage more than you'd expect. My hubby keeps every email I write to him in a special folder (aw, bless) and about 2 years ago accidentally deleted them all.. Our university IT support managed to get most of them back!

Kate said...

PS I use for my bookmarks, mainly so I can access them from home and work but it is a great backup too!

Sarah and Jon said...

Thank for the tips everyone :)

We are going to try and get some of the data recovered, but 'tis still deeply vexing!

Another cupcake will soothe the annoyance...

Sue said...

Noooooooo! What a disaster!I hope you get your data back.

Kitschen Pink said...

Hey there - am de-lurking to ask if you use Macs? These chaps will take a look for you - data recovery is sometimes possible -
they're Apple authorised service providers so can do the work on site in most instances. jsut down on Mountergate with parking outside the door.
Good luck! it's heartbreaking when these things go wrong! t.x

Kitschen Pink said...

and of course external back-up would be good for next time.... from one who learned the hard way!! t.x