Monday, 11 May 2009

British Birds

Last week Jon finished a new linocut - British Birds!Each little bird is paired up with his colloquial name. Naturally, we had to include a hornpie.

Here's a close-up of Billy Biter -

I love the blue Jon has printed this in, very Farrow and Ball I think.

Here is the block, halfway through cutting - lots of fiddly backwards lettering for this one. Fortunately Jon has a steady hand!

There are prints of British Birds in our Etsy and Folksy shops now.

The first person to leave a comment guessing the 'real' name of each bird will win a selection of Lapwing Printworks cards and the like! EDIT: Well done Fibrespace for guessing them all correctly!

I'm going to go and eat some more ice cream now - I had my wisdom teeth out this morning - so no solids or hot things for two days. I'm desperate for a cup of tea.


Barbara said...

lapwing (of course!), blue tit, mistle thrush, song thrush (or the other way round!), chaffinch, pied wagtail. Sorry, no good at birds! Barbara

Fibrespace said...

I love the print, it fantastic, here goes: lapwing, blue tit, song thrush, mistle thrush, whinchat, pied wagtail, Beth

Sarah and Jon said...

Almost right Barbara - no chaffinch though.

Fibrespace - absolutely right! We'll put a little package of nice things in the post :)

Kitschen Pink said...

oh poop I'm too late! Lovely lovely print! t.x

Magic Cochin said...

This is lovely! and I love the birds' names.


ladycassilis said...

Lovely print and lovely blog! You two produce some amazing things - I am envious!

Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks everyone! :)

afairhurst said...

Hi - I love this print. I'd like to commission something similar. Please can you contact me via twitter: afairhurst