Sunday, 17 May 2009

New project - seed packets!

This weekend I've been working on a little linocut of some vegetables to print onto some little envelopes.

I cut a pea pod, a leek, a carrot and an onion onto a small rectangle of lino (about 2 x 3 inches). I really like working at this scale, especially with a freshly sharpened tool :)

Our garden peas are racing up their pyramids, and the sweet peas started flowering this week too. We need to get lots of our seedlings planted out too, especially our climbing courgettes - we just need a dry afternoon!

Here is the block inked with some nice, new green oil ink -

The green looks really nice against the brown envelopes -

The next stage will be to letterpress some text onto the envelopes to turn them into proper little seed packets.

This weekend was the start of Norfolk Open Studios. We are doing the next two weekends, and we're quite excited about it! We'll post some more details about how to find us this week.


Kitschen Pink said...

I hope I shall find time for Open studios this year! So often it comes and goes and I've missed it! Good luck. LOVE those seed packets! t.x

Laura Cameron said...

Lovely colour way, enjoying seeing your print work on Folksy! All the best, L xo

Chrissie said...

These are really lovely!
I'm hoping to get across to Norfolk to visit some of the open galleries - trying to plan a route to take in as much as I can in one visit!

nickynackynoo said...

Beautiful. I'm amazed by anyone who can work so small in such detail.

Sarah and Jon said...

Thanks everyone!

Kitschen Pink and Chrissie - Hope you manage to fit in some Open Studio this year, come and say hello if you do!

Laura - thanks, I really love this new green ink!

Nickynackynoo - thanks! I like working on tiny blocks (so does Jon) and thinking about the little details :)